Today I learned: icebergs can roll

Camille Seaman has more photos of the icebergs on her website. Tweet

Testing Cincopa

// Click here to open the gallery. Powered by Cincopa Media Platform for your website and Cincopa MediaSend for file transfer. I don’t have a lot of photographs to display on my website yet, so in the meantime, I’m experimenting with Cincopa using photographs of paintings I’ve done. I like to paint in my spare [...]

Blog review: Mr. & Mrs. Globe Trot

Mr. & Mrs. Globe Trot is one of my favorite blogs, both for inspiration and just to read. Newlyweds Julia and Yuriy Manchik are Seattle-based photographers (their professional website is pretty nice, too) who hopped on a plane after their Sept. 25 wedding, and traveled around the world for about six months, documenting everything they [...]

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