Helvetica: A love story

The fonts available in Dreamweaver disappoint me. Word on the street is you can mess with it to get the fonts you want, but I’m not quite that advanced. So for now, I’m stuck with Arial. But all I really want in life is Helvetica. I got turned on to Helvetica Neue about a year and a half ago and haven’t looked back. Everyone around me grew out of it, moved on to other fonts, but Helvetic Neue and me, we’ve stuck by each other, through thick and thin. But mostly thin–excuse me, light. And sometimes light italic. So it pains me that it’s a secondary font after boring old arial.

For those of you that scoff at my font of choice, I ask you: How many fonts have their own documentary? Psshyeah. That’s what I thought.

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2 Responses to “Helvetica: A love story”

  • Comment from Hannah

    Wang would be disappointed in you. Apparently there is a short Comic Sans video, if you feel like comparing documentary-topic-worthiness. I looked up helvetica neue to see if I could understand your attraction, but the part I liked best was the new example sentence: “Jaded zombies acted quietly, but kept driving their oxen forward.” I guess they got tired of that one about the jumping dog.

  • Comment from Debbie Wolfe

    I’m soooooooooo glad to see the filmmaker included hands using letterpress type! I like how you included an embedded YouTube video that kept me on your blog. Nice work.

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