For a freelance journalist or a soon-to-be-graduating journalism student seeking gainful employment, branding matters. I recently interviewed four journalists and media professionals about their experiences with getting social media and other Internet resources to work for them.

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Journalism by the numbers

Quick facts to know and share:


percentage of the labor force unemployed in the U.S. as of May 2011 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)


Pew Research Center estimate of U.S. journalism jobs lost between 2001 and 2009 (Forbes) Read more…

Today I learned: icebergs can roll

Camille Seaman has more photos of the icebergs on her website.

My latest Twitter travels

I discovered a handy little resource a few days ago–a page listing every single Twitter account affiliated with The New York Times.

I love Twitter. I think it’s a great way to connect with people you may never have had any connection with otherwise, and to find interesting stories and keep up on the news. I made a separate follow list for The New York Times Twitter accounts, so now I’m following all of them except the obituaries and the sports-related accounts (not my thing, sorry).

I’ve followed @nytimes since I started using Twitter a few years ago, but following so many of their editors and reporters gives me a whole different view into what goes into such a massive publication. It’s more than just this untouchable behemoth of a newspaper, it’s made up of groups of people with a passion for news pouring themselves into so many things–court reporting, travel deal-finding, multimedia, the magazine, etc.

It’s an interesting, if small look into the minds of the people that make it happen. A lot of them link to their personal websites too–I like being able to go beyond the byline and find out how the people behind the papers I admire most got to where they are now.

I’ve found similar Twitter account lists for The St. Petersburg Times, The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle and The Guardian.

(And you can follow me on Twitter @KeeleyMSheehan.)

Testing Cincopa

WordPress plugin

I don’t have a lot of photographs to display on my website yet, so in the meantime, I’m experimenting with Cincopa using photographs of paintings I’ve done. I like to paint in my spare time (mostly acrylics)–it’s relaxing. I’ve never really displayed my paintings anywhere, and don’t have too many with me that I can post pictures of (I left most of my canvas at my parents’ house in New York when I moved to St. Pete), so for now they’ll find a home on the Creative Work page on my site.

Finding success through extracurricular blogging

While brainstorming a topic for my news analysis assignment for my Web Publishing class, I thought about setting up my website, blog and social media accounts for the class. How should you use each effectively, as an individual tool, while still maintaining brand continuity? Facebook’s different than Twitter, and blogs are different from both, so what should be your goal when using each? Read more…

Blog review: Mr. & Mrs. Globe Trot

Mr. & Mrs. Globe Trot is one of my favorite blogs, both for inspiration and just to read. Newlyweds Julia and Yuriy Manchik are Seattle-based photographers (their professional website is pretty nice, too) who hopped on a plane after their Sept. 25 wedding, and traveled around the world for about six months, documenting everything they saw in their blog. They traveled through too many places for me to list: read their list here. Read more…

Forever 21 threatens to sue blogger for “trademark infringement”

Forever 21, the giant clothing company frequented by broke high school girls and early 20-something wanna be fashionistas on a budget (including yours truly), is threatening to sue a blogger over the name of her site, which the company says is diluting the brand.

Rachel Kane’s blog WTForever21 critiques the store’s less-than-appealing finds, like the blue ruffled romper with the zipper down the front (seriously?), or the seizure-inducing vacation jumpsuit (seriously.).

Forever 21 is not amused. Read more…

What not to do on the Internet: Weinergate edition

Remember kids: Google never forgets.

Part of the focus of my web publishing class has been creating content for the web that will stick. We want search engines to pick up what we’re posting, and to create consistency between our websites, blogs and social media accounts to draw in readers and viewers.

We’re slowly becoming little web/social media “experts” (or making the attempt, anyway), which leads me to believe I have found my calling: Rep. Anthony Weiner’s personal social media guru. If not guru, I’d settle for intern–any title that means he hands me the keys to his social media accounts. Read more…

Freud would’ve gotten a kick out of this

If you ran through those cheesy Facebook quizzes (“Which Disney princess are you?!?!” “What does your birthday say about you?!?!” “Which celebrity do you most look like??!?!”) as quickly as I did–don’t act like you didn’t take a few–then try this one on for size: Fonts: What type are you?

Read more…

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